The price crisis is intensifying in Britain and threatens to drag more people into poverty

Around 40% of adults in the UK have had a hard time keeping up with energy bills, according to an Office survey for National Statistics of the country.

According to the poll released on Friday, around 91% said the cost of living has risen, with most citing the rise in the price of fuel, gas, electricity and food as reasons.

According to Bloomberg, four in 10 said they buy fewer food items, compared to about three in 10 in the previous Office survey. for National Statistics.

UK consumers are experiencing energy bills in increase, higher taxes and the strongest inflation of the last three decades. Britain’s major energy suppliers have warned of a massive increase in the number of people in default on their bills.

Families are increasingly relying on food banks for emergency aid, indicating that the cost of living crisis is accelerating and is likely to drag more people into poverty.

The Trussell Trust, which supports a network of 1,400 food banks in Britain said shipments of aid packages increased 14% to 2.1 million in the year to March, compared to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Since the National Statistics Bureau first conducted a similar survey in November, the percentage of adults who think they are not in ability to save money over the next 12 months gradually increased from 34% to 42%.

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