The Prime Minister of Canada visits destroyed Irbin … and raises his country’s flag in Kiev

According to the mayor of the city, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the city of Irbin, on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital, devastated by bitter battles between the Ukrainian and Russian armies.

“(Justin Trudeau) visited Irvine to see for himself all the atrocities committed by the Russian occupiers in our city,” wrote Oleksandr Markushin on Telegram, accompanying his message with images of Trudeau in the devastated city.

Justin Trudeau’s visit in Ukraine was not announced in advance. “The Prime Minister of Ukraine will meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky and reaffirm our unwavering support for the Ukrainian people,” his office said.

fierce struggle

For his part, Markushin expressed his “profound thanks” to the prime minister for “the support that Canada is providing to Ukraine today”. “We believe in the continuation of cooperation between our two countries in the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities after our victory,” he said.

In addition, the Canadian official raised his country’s flag at the Canadian embassy in Kiev.

Erbin, located at the northwestern gates of Kiev, witnessed fierce fighting between Russians and Ukrainians in the early days of the Russian offensive in late February.

The Russian army quickly took control of this city, which had a population of 60,000 before the war, and then occupied it throughout March.

Vemia accused Russian forces of carrying out massacres there – as happened in the nearby city of Bucha – after the discovery of dozens of bodies in civilian clothes in those areas occupied and then abandoned by the Russian army.

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