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The prizes for camel racing at the Supreme Founder’s Festival in the world amount to 88 million riyals

The administration of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival in its sixth edition has awarded financial prizes which are considered the highest in the world in the world of camel racing, with a total value of 88 million riyals, with hundreds of the most famous club owners, Arabian and international camels compete for this.

The total number of races in the competition is 219, where the first in each of the general races gets 150,000 riyals and in symbolic races, the former gets an amount of 700,000 riyals for the virgin category and 500,000 riyals for the Qadan category.

And in the round of zamools and tricks, the final symbols, the first receives a prize of 3 million riyals, the second receives a million riyals and the third receives 500,000 riyals.

In round open and general, the first winner will receive one and a half million riyals, while the second will receive 700 thousand riyals.

The founder’s festival works to consolidate the heritage of camel racing and enhance it in Saudi, Arab and Islamic culture, as well as support tourism and economic movement in the Kingdom, in so as to increase community participation, entrench the national heritage and reflect the cultural depth of the Kingdom.

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