The problem with mourning for Death Stranding vehicles will be fixed soon

One of the biggest features of Death Stranding is the idea that players share a world and build an infrastructure to help a whole range of Sam’s from around the world. A zip line or street strip built by another player can make the difference between a rough trip or a walk through a simple street. Timefall, the cursed rain, is slowing down, but then players can rebuild it. The mechanics playfully reflect the game themes until players begin to drive their vehicles into shelters and leave them on the streets.

Then a once helpful feature becomes a logistical nightmare. Imagine walking over a section of the freeway that smoothes over rocky terrain and then finding a big old truck blocking your way. Or what if you want to provide a package for Conan O’Brien’s character accommodation? You may find a buggy right in the entryway. This problem was first discovered by Eurogamer, but is a common problem for Death Stranding players.

Currently, the only way to get rid of these vehicles is for Sam to attack them remotely. It’s an inelegant solution, but a better one is on the way. We can assume that this update will be released sometime in December.

Good news! We’re working on another update to answer the most common requests from players, such as the ability to increase text size or dispose of individual vehicles.
The update is scheduled for mid-December. Thank you for your feedback! #DeathStranding

– Kojima Productions (@ KojiPro2015_EN) November 27, 2019

It is not clear what the solution will do, but it should make Sam’s journey across the States much easier. It’s also interesting to see how a game of connecting with other people and building infrastructure has become an unexpected peculiarity – players use vehicles as ingenious grief tools instead of helping each other out. No matter how hopeful the thesis and themes of your game are, there always seems to be a few bad apples that just want to see the world burn.

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