The question of the moment: after the dissolution of the Israeli parliament, will Netanyahu return again ?!

Yesterday Israeli deputies approved, in first reading, a bill providing for the dissolution of parliament, in an important legislative step that pushes Israel to hold its fifth elections in less than four years.

Members of the coalition of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the opposition led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been debating in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) since last week on the bill that would allow the parliament to dissolve.

The coalition underlined its desire to be approved quickly after Bennett announced last week that his alliance, founded eight years ago and ideologically divided because it includes eight parties, is no longer viable.

However, Netanyahu and his allies argued to form a new government led by him within the existing parliament in order to avoid new elections.

The two sides have committed in debates, but on Monday in late they agreed to submit a bill that will complete the necessary procedures to become law by the end of Wednesday.

The opposition’s willingness to dissolve parliament indicates that Netanyahu’s efforts to form a new government have stalled.

Based on the bill, the new elections will be held on October 25 or November 1, a matter that will need to be agreed upon after further negotiations.

This law had to be renewed by June 30, otherwise the settlers would lose legal protection. However, in In the event of the dissolution of the Knesset, this law is automatically extended.