The question of the moment: an American dilemma … Will Trump be accused or will the curtain fall?

The torrent of testimony presented to Congress by members of the Republican camp in recent days reflected the frightening image of a president who knew he had lost the election but was trying to cling to power. A number of White House or Donald Trump campaign staff members, lawyers and even members of his family have filed potential lawsuits, highlighting several wrongdoing the billionaire may have committed during his presidency, culminating in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The dossier compiled by members of the parliamentary commission investigating this attack aims to show that the event is part of a larger “coup” attempt led by the defeated president and his lawyer, John Eastman . A fundamental question now arises: Should federal prosecutors indict Donald Trump? “There is a possibility that Trump will face charges from the Justice Department,” former New York Federal Attorney Kevin O’Brien told AFP. One of the strongest testimonies came from the judge in retirement Jay Michael Luttig, considered a superstar in conservative circles. He said Donald Trump represents a “clear and present danger” to American democracy. In turn, Edward Luce, an editorial writer for the Washington-based Financial Times, said that “sloppy pursuits can strengthen Trump and may even help him win re-election.