The referee’s reputation creates a lot of confusion. If the ball hits stumps, it should come out: Kohli

According to the existing rule, at least 50 percent of the ball should hit at least one of the three stumps in order for the batsman to be classified as an LBW upon review if the reputation of a referee has been challenged.

“I played a long time when there was no DRS. Right. When the referee made a decision as to whether the batsman liked it or not, it stayed that way. Conversely, the referee didn’t give it out and it was over, it stayed that way marginal or not, “said Kohli before the first ODI of a series of three games against England on Tuesday (March 23) in Pune.

“I think the referee’s reputation is causing a lot of confusion right now. If you’re bowled as a batsman, don’t expect the ball to hit the stump more than 50 percent to be considered bowled.

“By common sense in cricket, I don’t think there should be a debate about it. If the ball cuts the stump, whether you like it or not, it should come out, you lose the rating.”

Kohli, who criticized the soft signals on the pitch following Suryakumar Yadav’s sacking during the T20 series against England, said the game had to be kept simple.

“The game has to be that simple if it hits the stump or misses the stump. It doesn’t matter how much it hits and things like that because it creates a lot of confusion.

“… and you know that another factor to consider is that the field team will respond to a layoff that is claimed to be somewhere as well and also defines soft signals,” he said.

“One has to wonder what the spirit of the game is and what these guidelines are, because when things like this have happened to the Indian cricket team overseas, then you speak of a completely different conversation about the spirit of the game …, “he claimed.

Kohli said things could come to a head at high stakes tournaments if controversial umpire calls affected the results.

“… there is a lot at stake in the big tournaments in the future and you don’t want any gray area factors in the game so that you are not clear enough to be the determining factors for these big tournaments.”

The great spin Shane Warne has long called for a change in the referee’s reputation and expressed a view similar to Kohli’s on the matter.

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