The Renaissance Dam Meetings. An Egyptian-Ethiopian dispute over die filling

On Tuesday will be Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan die Negotiating a project in Continue to Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo The huge Ethiopian dam On the Nile, represented by the construction of a hydroelectric power station, which Addis Ababa considers vital, Cairo and Khartoum see this as a threat.

In this context, the Al Arabiya correspondent reported today that there had been disputes between the Egyptian and Ethiopian sides over the second occupation.

He added that both die egyptian as well die Sudanese delegation called on Ethiopia to die the second to be filled in only after a binding agreement has been concluded.

Day extension

The meetings resumed on Sunday, and die Foreign and water ministers met in these three countries in Presence of the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, who has been since February die holds the rotating presidency of the African Union.

It is noteworthy that die Meetings on Monday were supposed to be closed, but they were extended for a further day, “due to the differences of opinion even in the preparation of the final statement, in of the die Conversations would take place as well as differences and disagreements in in reference to die Negotiation methodology “, so the correspondent of” Al-Arabiya / “the event”.

“last chance”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Sunday in a statement to the Egyptian media: “These negotiations are seen as a last chance to die die need to use three countries to reach an agreement on filling and operation AlNahda Dam In the coming months and before the next flood season. “

He added that Egypt “has negotiated with sincere political will for over ten years to reach an agreement, die achieved its development goals for Ethiopia and at the same time die Safeguarding the rights and interests of the two downstream states, “and stressed that” if there is political will “and good intentions on all sides, then reaching an agreement opens up broad prospects. Cooperation between the countries of the region would be possible.

“New Dynamic”

For his part, the Congolese president said that “the aim of the Kinshasa meeting is to unleash a new dynamic,” and stressed die Need to open several windows of hope and welcomed die Participants’ intention to look for solutions together.

He also stressed that “die human dimension must be at the heart of these tripartite negotiations “in order to die Defend the rights of the residents of the three countries to water, food and health.

A source of tension between the three countries

It is noteworthy that the Renaissance dam project has been a source of tension between the three countries since the foundation stone was laid ten years ago in April 2011.

The project, which was built on the Nile in northwest Ethiopia near the border with Sudan, could become Africa’s largest hydropower plant with a declared capacity of around 6,500 megawatts.

Although Egypt and Sudan are calling on Ethiopia to postpone its plans to fill the dam reservoir until a comprehensive agreement is reached, Addis Ababa announced on July 21, 2020 that die first phase of filling the reservoir with a capacity of 4.9 billion cubic meters has been completed. This allows die first two pumps to be tested in the dam. Ethiopia claims that die The hydropower generated by the dam will be vital to meeting the energy needs of its 110 million residents.

Egypt, which relies on the Nile to provide around 97% of its irrigation and drinking water, sees the dam as a threat to its very existence.

On the other hand, Sudan fears that its dams will be damaged if Ethiopia completely fills the dam before an agreement is reached.

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