The Renaissance Dam .. Washington is providing technical assistance to Khartoum to help resolve the crisis

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs believed that die unilateral action by Ethiopia in Regarding the Renaissance Dam, undermining mutual trust, adding that Ethiopia would back out to buy time to complete the dam’s second fill process, while Washington called for a binding and fair demand agreement on the Renaissance Dam.

These positions came during the meeting of Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Secretary of State, today, Wednesday, Donald Booth, the US special envoy for Sudan and South Sudan.

The meeting dealt with bilateral issues of common concern, most notably US support for Sudan and the interim government to move the country forward, particularly after Sudan’s exit from the list of states to die Promote terrorism.

The Foreign Minister paid tribute die Efforts by the United States of America and its position on Sudan in urgent immediate issues than developments at the meeting in the question of the Grand Renaissance Dam was discussed, die affect Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi urged die United States to enter into constructive negotiations, die die Commit the Ethiopian side not to fill in without the consent of the parties concerned, since die unilateral actions by the Ethiopian side undermine mutual trust between the two countries. This suggests that Sudan resorted to the Quartet’s mediation mechanism after learning that Ethiopia eluded time to complete the second filling process. Dam that should not and should not be tolerated.

For his part, the Special Representative for Sudan and South Sudan emphasized die Need for a binding and satisfactory agreement for all parties in the question of the Renaissance Dam, stressing the US interest in the security and stability of the three countries and the Horn of Africa and declaring that die United States die necessary technical support for die Provide acts to get out of this crisis with satisfactory positions for all parties.

Arab support to solve the crisis

Affirmed in a statement die UAE expressed their keen interest and willingness to engage in constructive diplomatic dialogue and die to continue fruitful negotiations in order to overcome any differences between the three countries Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on the Renaissance dam, and die The importance of complying with applicable international laws and standards to find a solution that is acceptable to all and die Rights and die To ensure the security of the three countries. Water in a way die Security, stability and sustainable development achieved and prosperity and die Cooperation of all countries in guaranteed in the region

The Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry also expressed “die Solidarity of the State of Kuwait with the Arab Republic of Egypt and the sisterly Republic of Sudan in their tireless efforts to die Maintain regional stability and its efforts to resolve the crisis of filling and operating the Renaissance Dam in a way that die die Countries of the mouth of the Nile in safeguarded and retained their water and economic rights in accordance with international law die Ways in which these countries can achieve their development aspirations. “

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