The resignation affects the Lebanese judiciary. The interference of politicians is unbearable

In a new indication of political interference in all sectors in Lebanon, the corridors of the Beirut Palace of Justice have witnessed, in the past few hours, a movement of resignation of the judges following the faltering situation of justice in general, which damages his prestige and position, as well as the poor living and economic conditions that they do not guarantee to anyone in Lebanon whatever his position and the nature of his work.

Four judges were reported to have resigned from the thread and filed their resignations with the chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Suhail Abboud, without a decision in merit.

political interventions

According to an informed judicial source who spoke with, these resignations amount to a judicial revolt against political interference in the work of the judiciary, which has manifested itself in clearly and explicitly in many files, including judicial appointments, but the most important of which recently have been the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut and the work of investigator Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

While it seemed remarkable that two of these judges (Naji Eid and Janet Hanna, were looking into the Yad al-Bitar matter), the judicial source was keen to point out that the resignation had nothing to do with what is happening in the investigation of the port file, but at the same time indicated that “it may be possible to say that file port was the straw that broke the camel’s back, as the judge has become a target of political and popular correctness, and campaigns are being launched against him through i media and sites of social media and on the street just because he’s going through a file in involving politicians and official officials.

The resignation affects the Lebanese judiciary.  The interference of politicians is unbearable
Protesters of Hezbollah supporters and the Amal movement against the judicial investigator in the Beirut explosion, Judge Tariq Bitar (Associated Press)

Other resignations in I arrive

He also stressed: “The resignations of these judges will not be the last, as there are judges who intend to take the same step, even for the same reasons, knowing that those who resign are judges known for their independent work and integrity, and they are outside the dominant political system and are not subject to political pressure “.

It is interesting to note that Hezbollah had recently intensified its rhetoric towards the judicial investigator in the explosion of the port of Beirut, linking the stability of the political situation in the country to his resignation.

The party’s general secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, called the aforementioned judge a “politician”, followed by his deputy, Sheikh Naim Qassem, who felt that “it has become a real problem. in Lebanon”.

From the protest of Hezbollah and Amal supporters in front of the Beirut Palace of Justice (Reuters)
From the protest of Hezbollah and Amal supporters in front of the Beirut Palace of Justice (Reuters)

Hezbollah’s threats

These positions came after party Liaison and Coordination Unit official Wafiq Safa threatened to “remove” al-Bitar (his removal from his position) because he was not working according to what he wanted.

A few days ago, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem said: “The scene of the judiciary today in Lebanon is unhealthy. It has nothing to do with an accident or a judge. It has to do with a whole judicial system that overlaps in an unusual way. We need to rethink and find a solution, otherwise the judicial reality is not healthy “.

It is interesting to note that in Lebanon, a country based on political and sectarian quotas, the judiciary has not remained immune from favoritism, since politics also interferes in appointments, especially in the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, the highest judicial authority.

The investigation into the port explosion has gotten bogged down in the labyrinths of politics and then in legal chaos in the last period. Since receiving the investigation about a year ago, forensic investigator Tariq Bitar has brought 16 lawsuits, which have been filed in various courts, asking him to stop his hand and transfer the case to another judge, and has led to the suspension of the investigation several times.

After the courts closed several cases for various reasons, the judges found themselves subject to cause brought by the officials of the defendants to put in doubt the correctness of their decisions.

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