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The resignation of the British Prime Minister from the Sunak government .. “bullying a colleague”

British Secretary of State for Government Affairs, Gavin Williamson, announced his resignation from his position in the British government on Tuesday following allegations of bullying and sending inappropriate messages to his colleagues.

Williamson stated in a letter that the purpose of his resignation was to respond to the ongoing investigation of the complaints and to show his innocence for any misconduct, as he said.

Williamson addressed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, saying there is an investigation into the messages he sent to a colleague, to which other allegations about his previous behavior were added, indicating that he refuted these allegations, but he did not want them to. transformed in a distraction from the results of the government.

Eventually he assured that he would continue to fully support the government from the rear.

And the text messages bullying Williamson in obscene language revealed Wendy Morton, the disciplinary officer in Parliament, for organizing Queen Elizabeth’s death ceremonies.

And in Earlier, the UK Government Minister of State, Oliver Dowden, announced that Sunak supports the Minister of State in the Government accused of mistreating his colleague, considering that the abusive telephone messages were sent. “in a moment of emotion “.

The story began after a British report revealed that Minister Williamson was angry that he was not invited to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, so he sent messages deemed inappropriate against Morton, the party’s disciplinary officer. in Parliament, which pushed quest’last to file an official complaint, according to the Sunday Times.

While Gavin, who was reconfirmed to a cabinet post by Sunak last month, is under investigation, Dowden announced that the prime minister still had confidence. in he.

Sunak also angered British circles when he decided to appoint Suila Braverman as Interior Minister, mainly because questlast was fired from her job during the reign of Liz Terrass for violating security rules by sending an official document to her personal email.

Interestingly, the new prime minister faces difficult tasks, as he has taken control of a bogged down country in a dangerous crisis in light of the high cost of living, with inflation exceeding 10%.

It must also calm the turbulent markets since the announcement of the government budget of former Prime Minister Liz Terrace at the end of last September.

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