The Return of a Key Decepticon Is Hinted at in the New Continuity of Transformers

The Transformers are returning triumphantly, thanks to the new publisher Skybound and the Energon Universe line. However, there’s one character who has been conspicuously absent thus far. Megatron, the notorious leader of the Decepticons, has yet to debut in the Energon Universe. However, the recently released solicitation for Transformers #5 promises the return of a major Decepticon. The cover art for issue #5 creates a significant buzz and points to the possible return of the notorious Megatron. But is there more to this image than meets the eye?

Issue #5 of Transformers is set to be released on February 14th, 2024, continuing the saga of the Transformers on Earth. The synopsis for the issue teases that “Starscream revives one of the most powerful Decepticons to eliminate the Autobots once and for all.” This has set the stage for an exciting and highly anticipated storyline.

The cover for Transformers #5, featuring artwork from series artists Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer, shows Optimus Prime reaching down towards a massive pile of armaments, with Megatron’s iconic fusion cannon sitting on top. Megatron’s fusion cannon on the cover has sparked intense speculation among fans about his potential return.

However, despite the appearance of Megatron’s signature weapon on the cover, there are doubts about whether the Decepticon leader will return in issue #5. One of the main reasons fueling this skepticism is that the Decepticon brought back in the case is resurrected by Starscream, who has already declared himself the Decepticons’ leader in Megatron’s absence. Starscream’s history of schemes and power struggles with Megatron in the classic G1 continuity makes it highly unlikely that he would return to his former boss now that he’s secured his power base among the Decepticons on Earth.

Additionally, there is a popular fan theory suggesting that Megatron is already on Earth, under the possession of none other than Cobra Commander. The Commander is holding a gun resembling Megatron’s alias holding a gun resembling. This theory gains further traction when the cover for Transformers #5 shows Megatron’s fusion cannon ripped off his arm, hinting at the possibility that Cobra Commander has found a damaged Megatron and is using him for his purposes.

So, if not Megatron, then which Decepticon will Starscream resurrect? With possibilities ranging from Thundercracker, Scorponok, Blitzwing, or the formidable Devastator, fans will have to continue reading the Energon Universe Transformers series to uncover the identity of the resurrected Decepticon.

Overall, the anticipation for Transformers #5 is at an all-time high as fans look forward to the potential return of a major Decepticon. With the release date set for February 14th, 2024, this issue is bound to significantly impact the classic G1 continuity and the new Energon Universe. Stay tuned for an epic showdown as the Autobots and Decepticons continue their thrilling saga in the Energon Universe.

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