The Return of Perfect Dark: A Rare FPS Remake for Xbox Revealed at Game Awards 2020

A rare FPS

During the Game Awards 2020, the Redmond firm revealed that son young studio, The Initiative, was hard at work on the remake of an iconic FPS: Perfect Dark! Taking on the features of a reboot, this adventure starring the courageous Joanna Dark was born at the beginning of the new millennium. To understand where this character inspired by our Joan of Arc comes from nationalwe have to go back to the year 1997 within the studio British RARE. At the time, the “Bomb Team”, behind the excellent GoldenEye 007 (a Nintendo 64 game acclaimed by critics and players) returned from a well-deserved vacation and met working on a new project. Now well-honed in the exercise of the FPS – or doom-like as on said before – the latter is offered a new James Bond game, but wants to move on.

Blade Runner is a film that the team loves and the staff believes that a game inspired by this universe could be absolutely brilliant. After discussion with Nintendo of America (car yes, before belonging to Microsoft, RARE was a privileged partner of Nintendo), the “Bomb Team” is renamed “Alien Intelligence Team” and develops a whole universe revolving around their personal tastes. This is how Perfect Dark, an FPS from science-fiction with aliens, is designed based on multiple references: Ghost in the Shell, X-Files, Marvel’s Elektra comics, etc.

Perfect Dark is a performance technique on Nintendo 64. At the time, the machine lacks the power to satisfy all the desires of developers, as creator Martin Hollis confides:

This duality between shadow and light will lead to the development of a base, Covert Operations, which will gradually become different projects: Imperfect Dark, Imperfect Future, Perfect Future, etc. It is finally the name Perfect Dark which is chosen… even before the creation of the one who will become the main character: Joanna Dark. Taking place in a futuristic universe, the game benefits from remarkable music, but requires the Expansion Pack (an expansion cartridge boosting the capabilities of the console) to access the entire title – including son single-player mode. Suffice to say that it is mandatory!

Perfect Dark, a fanfare return to Xbox?

So far, only a two-minute trailer has been revealed, but the project – which has been running for over three years – is said to be not far advanced. According to the latest rumors, the game would only be like this in the early stages of son development. The project has suffered many obstacles – including a pandemic that paralyzed the world for months – but it looks like it’s finally on the right track. Of course, you will have to be very patient to be able to witness the return of Joanna Dark. As always in this kind of stories, the testimonies differ, but it seems obvious – and the absence of the game during the last Xbox Showcase proves it – that the title has suffered from several resets. Without direction clear, Perfect Dark eventually got bogged down and many people left their posts. It only remains to hope that the impact of this troubled period will not be too visible on the product final…

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