The return of the “Islamists” in Sudan .. Why did the test raise him?

Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, President of the Sovereign Council and Commander of the Armed Forces in Sudan yesterday cut doubts with certainty, stressing that there is no return to power for the Islamists, nor for the dissolved National Congress, led by Omar Al-Bashir.

He also stressed the army’s absolute loyalty to the homeland, and not to any political party or party, which raised many questions about the reason and timing of this speech.

However, the answer to these questions became clear a few days ago on the Sudanese arena.

rally its supporters

The dissolved party returned a few days ago to mobilize its supporters in front of the headquarters of the UN mission, opposing international mediation aimed at resolving the crisis in the country and bringing the opinions between the parties closer.

In the last period a wide debate has also been raised, especially by the civil opposition, on the return of the Islamists and their penetration into the articulations of the state and its institutions, from the army to the judiciary.

This controversy exploded with the enactment of two judicial decisions, which invalidated the decisions of the “Empowerment Removal” committee, dissolving the General Federation of Sudanese Trade Unions and the Bar Association.

On 1 November the Supreme Court announced the cancellation of the decision of the “Commission for the dismantling of the system and restoration of public funds of 30 June 1989”, according to which the union had been dissolved.

Before that, a ruling had been passed to dissolve the steering committee that had been formed to lead the Bar Association by the “Freedom and Change” forces.

Response from the Congress party

However, yesterday’s trial blocked all interpretations, warning the National Congress and the Islamic Movement not to harm the army or others.

Meanwhile, the party immediately responded to Al-Burhan, writing yesterday on his Facebook page: “You know for sure that the armed forces are loyal to the organization,” to which the Islamists belong.

Interestingly, after the army overthrew the Bashir government in 2019 following widespread popular protests that lasted for months, the authorities dissolved the Congress Party and banned its participation in political life for ten years.

But the party is still trying to move in the political arena. About a week ago, thousands of Islamists gathered to protest against the international mediations that are trying to get Sudan out of the crisis it is going through.

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