The Reveals About Gabi: Intriguing Details Uncovered in Episode 3 of NBC’s Found

Spoilers Ahead for NBC’s Found

The Reveals About Gabi

Found is a captivating drama series currently in its first season on NBC. In the third episode, titled “Missing While Widowed,” the show delves into the complex backstory between Gabi (played by Shanola Hampton) and Sir (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) while the team searches for a missing person.

The Reveals About Gabi

Gabi, who has been portrayed as a strong character so far, is thrown off balance when Sir manipulates her into believing that she is responsible for the kidnapping of Lacey. This leads Gabi to distance herself from Lacey and seek advice from Margaret on how to regain her lost memories. However, Lacey’s confirmation that Gabi was shocked during the kidnapping helps Gabi realize that Sir has deceived her once again.

In response to Sir’s manipulation, Gabi punishes him by taking away his books, toothbrush, and soap. This reveals that Gabi is willing to stand up to Sir’s exertion of power, despite her previous statements that she wouldn’t stoop to his level. This storyline also uncovers Gabi as an unreliable narrator in the Found flashbacks, suggesting that she can be influenced by suggestion.

The Minor Moment From Sir

A crucial scene between Sir and Gabi occurs before Gabi discovers his lies about Lacey’s kidnapping. Gabi seeks Sir’s assistance on the current case and he astutely identifies two individuals breathing heavily on a phone call. Sir interprets the heavy breathing as a sign of panic, indicating an amateur kidnapper. This dialogue raises questions about Sir’s past experiences with kidnapping and hints at his potential to become violent.

Although Sir hasn’t shown signs of panic in the flashbacks, his behavior in those scenes may suggest that he had previously attempted to build a “family” with kidnapped individuals. Gabi’s immediate observation that unstable people are more likely to kill adds to the intrigue surrounding Sir’s character.

While there are more questions than answers regarding Gabi and Sir’s time together during Gabi’s kidnapping, their dynamic has captivated audiences. New episodes of Found air on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, following The Voice. Previous episodes are available for streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription.

Due to ongoing writers and actors strikes, there is a shortage of new scripted series this fall. However, Found, along with The Irrational on Monday nights, offers viewers a compelling weekly mystery to enjoy.

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