The Reverse Exodus: Paris Becomes More Accessible as Remote Work Takes Over.

Away from the noise of the city, many French people are looking for a better and quieter life. With the ability to work remotely, live in big cities like the capital, Paris, is no longer a dream for many, as the trend today is more to live in countryside and close to nature.

One studio conducted by the French National Institute of Statistics confirms the decline in the attractiveness of large cities in 2022. The health crisis associated with the Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s lifestyles and the way in which they think about their priorities.

About half a million people have decided to quit their jobs in looking for a different life than the one they led in past, according to one studio published by the French Ministry of Labor in 2022.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, France has seen a great spread of remote work, as many companies have been forced to apply this type of work to limit the spread of the virus and protect their employees. This change in the way of working led to the movement of large numbers of French people from big cities to rural areas.

This phenomenon has not ended after the exit from the health crisis, but is still continuing, as 20% of remote workers in and around Paris plan to leave their region within the next five years, according to one studio conducted by the Vies Cellulari Research Center Forum. While 16% have actually left since the beginning of the crisis in 2020.

This indicates that remote working can not only be effective in terms of health, but can also offer workers the opportunity to live in quieter and more beautiful environments.

However, this transition to the countryside has not always been easy, as infrastructure and services in rural areas may not be as developed as in larger cities. Therefore, this shift to remote working also requires ensuring that necessary services are available in the new one areasuch as fast inte, schools and health services.

Ultimately, it can be argued that the relationship of remote work with French people leaving major cities during the Covid-19 pandemic indicates that this type of work can be effective for both companies and workers and can provide employees the opportunity to experience more stable places.