The Rise of Hardcore Mode in World of Warcraft: A Challenge for Risk-Loving Gamers

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We no longer present the very famous MMORPG of Blizzardas it is still widely played by fans around the world despite son grand age. With the version World Classic of Warcraft, many players roam the vast lands of Azeroth on a journey filled with nostalgia. Recently, Hardcore mode appeared for those who crave for challenge. Quite punishing, it gives players the possibility of creating a character who, upon dying, cannot be resurrected. In other words, it is a mode where you must not find death, which appeals to risk lovers.

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17 years of WoW without a mouse!

As amazing as it sounds, a named Tik Tok user shared son gaming experience on WoW over 17 years old… Mouse free! How is possible? The answer is quite simple, since it is simply a touchpad that has been used as a mouse for all this time. He explains that he uses it main left, although he is right-handed, with great sensitivity. It’s hard to imagine playing 17 this way, yet touchpadwarrior says that in his head “it’s not complicated”. Many find it difficult to understand comment It is possible to play in such a way, especially when on knows how crucial the mouse is to performing a grand number of actions in the game.

A Tik Tok user asked this user in the comment, why he does not switch to the classic keyboard and mouse or instead of continuing to use this touchpad, to which he replied: “Using a mouse is now embarrassing”. Note however that touchpadwarrior has no claim to be a very good player or professional WoW.

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