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The Road Map for Cod Season 04 Has Been Made Available for Both MWII and Warzone

The chief profile for Call of Duty published the roadmap for the upcoming Season 04 update on Twitter, which is scheduled to be released on June 14th. This massive update brings a plethora of new operators, bundles, maps, weapons, game modes, and events. It is also a beast of an update.

It is confirmed that the new Warzone map, Vondel, will be available at launch for players interested in playing a few games of DMZ or Resurgence, which leads one to believe that battle royale will be released later. In Season 04, there will be a significant amount of content exclusive to Vondel, which is a strong indicator that the brand-new map has received significant time and consideration in its development.

The Upcoming Season 04 Update for Warzone and Modern Warfare II

Are we going to continue to refer to it as “Warzone”? “2.0” does not appear in the newly released roadmap Activision provided for the Call of Duty: Season 04 update. The document as a whole does not contain the number.

The brand-new update will bring a ton of material, the most notable of which is the brand-new Warzone map called Vondel.

There will be six different multiplayer maps available in Modern Warfare II, one of which is a reimagining of the famous Showdown map from the first Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare game released in 2007. On the MWII side, one developer has gone completely nuts and chosen to add a 12 vs. 12 Search and Destroy mode, which will be an absolute nightmare for everyone involved.

Lockdown is a limited-time mode that will be added to Vondel, along with in-game content such as weapon case awards, a new contract, a completely new public event, an all-new vehicle, and a ‘dynamic fog system.’ Vondel has been crammed to the gills with as much unique content as possible, and its release on June 14 is expected to be a huge success amongst fans. No expense has been spared in this endeavor.

In other news, the update for Season 04 brings with it the introduction of new weaponry, including:

  • Tempus Razorback (Assault Rifle)
  • ISO 45 (Sub-Machine Gun)
  • Tonfa (Melee)

In Warzone and Modern Warfare II, Nikto makes his comeback as a recognizable operator. This time, however, he is joined by a new character known as ‘Ana Vega.’

The most competitive players may look forward to a new season of Ranked Play, fans of extraction can anticipate a ‘wash’ in DMZ, and players of either game can anticipate receiving a few hundred upgrades, bug repairs, amendments, and improvements.

The Season 04 update for Call of Duty will become available on June 14 for all platforms.


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