The Russian army forms an anti-sniper military unit

On the Russian peninsula of Crimea, a military unit has been formed against enemy snipers, which will work as a “fire brigade”, that is, will send its members to areas threatened by sniper activity.

The unit will be formed on the basis of the 165th Training Center at the initiative of the President of the Russian Republic of Crimea, Vasily Aksenov, with the participation of a well-known manufacturer of Russian light weapons and the general director of his own company, Lobaev. Vladislav Lobaev.

Lobaev said: “The formation of a special unit will allow combat units that, for some reason, did not yet possess modern, ultra-precise and long-range sniper weapons and could not organize the training of their personnel to fight enemy snipers by receiving anti-sniper services.” He added that anti-sniper units will carry out their duties in the hottest sectors of the front.

He explained that the specified military unit will be equipped with a wide range of sniper rifles manufactured by his company.

It is noteworthy that sniper rifles manufactured by the Lobaev company are in great demand in the area of ​​​​special military operations, as they allow inflicting heavy losses on the enemy in manpower. A Russian sniper nicknamed “Yari” uses a Sumark rifle with a range of more than 3 kilometers, which has killed more than 100 militants.

Source” Rossiyskaya Gazeta