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The Russian army will receive a new warship before the end of this year

An informed source in the Russian military-industrial complex said that before the end of this year, the country’s Navy will receive a new missile ship.

“The transfer of the new Rizkiy missile ship to the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Army is planned before the end of December next year,” a source told the Russian news agency TASS.

He added: “It is expected that the date for the raising of the Navy flag on the above ship will be announced before the end of October, and it will most likely be handed over to the Army in December 2022.”

Russian media reported that the ship went through several tests and experiments, the latest of which was sea trials in April last year.

The Ryzhiy belongs to a class of missile ships being developed by Russia under State Project 20380, each of which is 100 meters long, displaces 2,220 tons, and can travel 4,000 miles in each mission.

These ships are armed with Russian Uran anti-ship missiles, Redut air defense systems, 100-mm guns, light and medium machine guns, anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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