The Russian bombardment continues… dead and wounded, and power outages

15 people were killed and 35 others, including a child, were injured as a result of Russian shelling that hit areas of Kherson in southern Ukraine, according to a local official in the city that Kyiv recently regained control of. and about half of the capital’s residents. are still feeling the repercussions of power outages in light of the low temperatures during the winter season, following the Russian attacks that targeted energy infrastructure. On the other hand, Russia says: It only targets military infrastructure and blames Ukrainian air defenses for power outage.

Furthermore, in evening the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine said: that a train departed from Kherson bound for Khmelnytskyi, “with the first 100 citizens of Kherson who benefited from the government evacuation, including 26 children, as well as seven bedridden patients and six disabled.”».

Last Friday, the governor of the Kherson region announced the evacuation of patients from hospitals in the city, and Yaroslav Yanushevich stated on social media: “Due to continuous Russian bombing, we are evacuating patients from hospitals in Kherson.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said: “More than six million homes in Ukraine were hit by power outages on Friday.”

Faced with Russian bombing, Ukraine has received anti-aircraft defense systems from the West, but more will be needed to neutralize Moscow’s missiles and drones. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born confirmed in Berlin, together with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, that Paris and Berlin “will support Ukraine until the end of this conflict”. “Nato said.

For his part, the German chancellor said that “the policy of intimidation with Russian bombs against civilian infrastructure must end in Ukraine” and indicated that Germany and France are working to help Ukraine “rebuild the partially destroyed energy infrastructure”.

For its part, Russia says: “It is targeting military infrastructure only and attributing the power outage to Ukrainian air defenses. The Kremlin considered that Ukraine could end the suffering of its people by agreeing to Russian demands.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with military mothers for the first time on Friday, saying he shared their grief and urged them not to believe “lies” about the attack in Ukraine.

Diplomatically, Russia’s foreign ministry this week denounced a European Parliament resolution that described Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism,” saying Moscow has nothing to do with fighting terrorism.

Commenting on the proposal made in Europe to Serbia to join the sanctions against Russia and recognize the independence of Kosovo, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, called it “ridiculous”, noting that only the geographical reference to the continent remains of Europe.

And he wrote on his account on “Telegram”: “This is really funny, what is left of Europe in the European Union? Only the geographical reference to the continent… Europe as a civilization is now preserved in Russia.