The Russian Defense announces the destruction of 112 Ukrainian military structures

As the Russian military operation continues in the territory of its western neighbor for the third consecutive month, the Russian Defense Ministry announced today, Friday, the destruction of 112 Ukrainian military facilities, including 4 missile and artillery weapons depots.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said today, Friday, in a press conference, which among the damaged structures were two command posts, 11 support points, 95 concentration points for troops and military equipment, as well as four deposits for missile and artillery weapons in the cities of Pokrovskoye and Gorochovskoye.

He continued: “The artillery units carried out 975 shooting missions during the night, causing casualties: 21 command centers, 69 strongholds and 763 concentration areas for military forces and equipment . Following the strikes, more than 280 nationalists and 38 armored vehicles and vehicles were destroyed. “

In addition, he added: “Aviation with long-range high-precision weapons of Russian aviation destroyed the premises of the production departments of the Artem Missile and Aerospace Industry Corporation in the city of Kiev,” noting that “long-range missiles High-precision Kalibrs launched from the sea destroyed three stations: “Electrical substations in the areas of the railway junctions Fastov, Krasnoselka and Polonoy”.

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