The Russian delegate: Washington fuels the conflict and pours oil on the fire

The UN Security Council will not vote on Friday on a plan drawn up by Russia to provide access to aid and protect civilians in Ukraine, after the Russian move seemed to have faced many difficulties and objections.

While the Russian delegate to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, accused Western countries of exerting “unprecedented pressure” against this provision during his speech at the Security Council yesterday, diplomatic information indicated that the invitation is it was withdrawn after the Russians realized that the decision would have any support from international parties, even from the ranks of “allies: the alleged.

“Many colleagues from many delegations have told us about unprecedented pressure exerted by Western partners, underlining that they are subject to twisting their arms, including through blackmail and threats,” Nebenzia told the Security Council last night.

Pour the oil on the fire

He also pointed out that Washington is fueling the conflict between his country and Ukraine and pouring oil on the fire. The West has also been accused of fueling the conflict through military support for Kiev.

Furthermore, he touched on what he described as the “campaign of lies and disinformation” practiced by the West and still today. in course around the fighting in Ukraine.

He also accused Kiev of preventing the evacuation of civilians and of spreading rumors and false news about it.

Interestingly, Western diplomats have made it clear, according to Reuters, that the Russian move would have failed because most of the fifteen members would have refrained from voting on the draft resolution, because it does not face accountability or acknowledge “Moscow’s invasion of the his neighbor, “as they say, and he is not calling for an end to the fighting or for the Russian forces to withdraw.

This is when the Russian military operation launched on February 24 enters its fourth week (23 days), in amidst continuous intermittent bombardments, despite the relative calm in to some extent on a number of fronts.

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