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The Russian embassy denies having stopped building a base in Sudan: the opposite of reality

The Russian Embassy in Khartoum confirmed today, Thursday that die Allegations of stopping the agreement to establish a Russian naval base on the Red Sea in Sudan do not correspond to reality.

In a statement on her Instagram page, she said, “Regarding die Reports, die were published in the regional and Sudanese media room about allegations, die Implementation of the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sudan on die Stop making a supply The Russian Embassy in Sudan, a maintenance center for die Russian Navy on the territory of the republic, confirms that these statements are not true. “

It also stated that it “has not received any notifications from the Sudanese side”.

Waiting for authentication

On Wednesday, senior Sudanese sources reported that the agreement to establish a Russian naval base was pending approval die legislative body and all Russian military operations at the Flamingo Naval Base stopped.

It is noteworthy that on December 9, 2020, Russia announced a supply and maintenance base for die Russian Navy in set up near Port Sudan, die Can accommodate 300 military and civilian employees and host nuclear-powered warships.

‘Inaccurate information’

In recent days there has been widespread controversy over Russian military visits to the shores of the Red Sea in eastern Sudan with the aim of die To establish a base while the Sudanese Defense and Security Council (die highest security authority in the country) refused to do so was inaccurate information without giving any details.

In recent years Moscow has been working to exert its influence in To strengthen Africa from the gateway to Sudan, especially in the military field, by launching projects in the civilian nuclear field, parallel to Washington, which is also trying to exert its influence on die Focus region.

Meanwhile, throws die Sudanese-Russian rapprochement die Concern of the new US administration, die Moscow as a threat to its presence in Areas of influence, in particular in Africa, looks.

First document

It is noteworthy that last November a preliminary contract document with Sudan was published on the website of the Russian government to establish a naval base in the Red Sea to supply its fleet with fuel.

Looked at the original document die Establishment of a “logistic support center” in Sudan, through which “maintenance, fuel supply and crew rest” could be ensured.

The base should be according to the in This detailed and 30-page document called the geographical coordinates in the northern suburb of Port Sudan.

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