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The Russian Navy received a new missile ship

A source close to the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Navy will receive a new missile ship developed as part of the state project 20380.

“It is possible that the transfer of the Mercury missile ship to the Russian Navy will be delayed until early next year,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted a source as saying.

The source added: “The ship has gone through several trials but has not passed the final post-test inspection phase and I expect it to be handed over to the Navy in early 2023. In September 2022, the ship underwent sea trials, during which its technical condition and seaworthiness were checked, its life support systems, as well as communications, ventilation and air conditioning equipment were examined.

And Mercury is the fifth missile ship to be developed at the northern Russian shipyard for the country’s army as part of the Russian government’s project 20380. Work on the construction of this ship began in 2015, and its dock testing began last year.

This ship has a length of 100 meters, a displacement of 2220 tons and can travel up to 4000 miles in each mission, and is armed with Russian anti-ship missiles “Uran”, SAM “Redut”, 100-mm guns, light and medium machine guns and systems. To launch anti-ship and anti-submarine torpedoes, it was also equipped with platforms for carrying multi-role helicopters.

Source: Weapons of Russia


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