The Russian Navy received an underwater anti-pilot boat

The Gratsunok boat of project 21980 entered service with the Russian Baltic Fleet.

According to a representative of the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Russian Defense Ministry, the new boat will serve at the Russian naval base “Kronstadt” in the Leningrad region.

He explained that the boat is designed to protect the seashore and combat shipborne drones and other sabotage means that the enemy can use under water to damage warships anchored in the naval base.

It is worth noting that the Gratsunok boat was built at the Zelenodolsk shipyard in Russia. Displacement 140 tons, length 30 meters, width 7.4 meters. It was equipped with various electronic devices, including the Kalmar acoustic radar and the Anapa electronic acoustic station, as well as equipment used by frog people.

It is noteworthy that earlier Russian media reported that the Baltic Fleet recently received two modern Grachonok boats of project 21980, which are equipped with six-barreled grenade launchers, mobile anti-aircraft missiles and electronic equipment.

Source: Russian newspaper