The Russians have complete control of Tochkevka.

The Russians have “taken full control” of the city in Toshkivka’s front line in Donbass, eastern Ukraine, a few kilometers from Severodonetsk and Lysechhansk, where fighting rages on, local Ukrainian authorities said yesterday. “According to our information, the Russians have completely taken control of Toshkivka,” said Roman Vlasenko, the leader of the Severodonetsk region, noting that “the pressure continues” in front line where “the battle for Donbass is raging”. The Russian military has inflicted “catastrophic destruction” in the city of Lyschansk, adjacent to Severodonetsk in Donbass (east), according to Luhansk region governor Sergey Gaidai. He stressed that “the Russians want to occupy the entire Luhansk region”, which currently control most of its territory, “before (Sunday) June”. But he stressed that “they won’t be in able to do so within five days. ”Gayday described the situation in the night from Monday to Tuesday as“ the calm before the storm ”, predicting that the Russian artillery bombardment will renew itself during the day.