The Russians have invented a substance that absorbs silver from solutions

The press service of the Ural Federal University reported that university scientists have created a sorbent that allows you to selectively extract silver from solutions, even if its concentration is low.

A source in the department indicates that this substance will be used to extract silver from industrial waste, as well as to purify drinking water.

“University chemists have found that the best adsorbent is an amine polymer based adsorbent for extracting silver from solutions. It can be used to selectively extract a precious metal, even if its concentration in solution is low, ”the agency said in a statement.

A source at the university points out that this substance will facilitate the extraction of silver in industrial facilities, help in the purification of drinking water and fish farm water, as well as in the purification of industrial waste.

“The matrix nature of the aminopolymer of sorbents promotes the absorption of metal ions,” says Yulia Petrova, an employee of the Department of Analytical and Ecological Chemistry. “It turns out that when a sulfoethyl group is added to it, its selective properties improve – the ability to adsorb a specific metal ion among various metal ions present in the solution” .

Petrova adds: “The results of our study allow us to choose the most effective sorbent material for solving various problems, depending on the level of modification of the sorbent with a sulfoethyl group, the pH of the solution, the concentration of minerals and the absorption rate, which allows us to create materials in accordance with the properties necessary for the extraction of various minerals. , even from solutions with low concentrations of metals.

Source: TASS