The safety concerns of the Rittenhouse jurors taken seriously, Judge says

Minutes later the jury at the Kyle Rittenhouse murder process found the innocent teenager on it all matters, Judge Bruce Schroeder took a moment to tell the jurors any safety their concerns would be “addressed and respected”.

After four days of deliberation, a jury on He acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday of murder and reckless mass in danger – accusations stemming from his fatal shot of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and his wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz during the “Black Lives Matter” riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last August.

Once you’ve read the verdict, Schroeder took a moment to speak to the juror safety concerns.

“At the beginning of the process there was some concern information and yours safety, and I assure you that we will take every step to do sure that your concerns are addressed and respected “, Schroeder told the jurors before asking to speak to them in private on this matter later.

Schroeder reminded jurors that they were under no obligation to speak to the . media, and that the press would submit requests for contact in writing, which jurors may choose to ignore in if so wished.

LOOK: Judge Rittenhouse bans MSNBC from the court

TO KNOW MORE: LOOK: Judge Rittenhouse bans MSNBC from the court

“Self anyone contact you, just tell him you’re not interested in discuss it, if appropriate “, He explained. “Self anyone persists in in doing so, report them to us and it will be dealt with “.

The Rittenhouse trial was a national spectacle, closely watched by the media, often with disappointment of Schroeder. On Thursday, the judge banned MSNBC reporters from the courtroom after a producer for the network he was caught following a bus carrying the jury. Schroeder described the incident as a “Extremely serious thing” would be “Reported to the competent authorities”.

And just the day before, Schroeder called media coverage of the trial – which saw the experts attempt to analyze the judge’s bias by examining everything closely jokes speaking of lunch, on the phone ring – like “scary” And “Grossly irresponsible”. In addition to probing media coverage, Schroeder reportedly received death threats throughout the process.

As decided by the jury, crowds of the demonstrators had gathered outside the court for days. Fights and chants broke out – ranging from “fuck Kyle!” to “Free Kyle!” he rang out near the room where the jury was deciding Rittenhouse’s fate.

The accident on Thursday with the MSNBC manufacturer was not the first time someone was suspected of trying to compromise anonymity of the jury. Earlier this month, police officers caught someone filming jurors as a bus picked them up. up in en route to Kenosha County Courthouse. The agents forced the person to delete the footage.

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