The salaries of the drivers in this country outnumber lawyers and doctors

The salaries and pensions of truckers in Britain have jumped to levels record and, for the first time in the history of the country, they exceed the incomes and salaries of lawyers, doctors, CEOs, managers and highly qualified professionals, in one moment in which is expected to continue to increase due to the circumstances in the country.

Britain has been suffering for months, a large shortage of truckers, which has recently issued warnings that the lack of drivers will affect the supply of food, drinks and essential goods in markets and shops, while some say the reason for the shortage of drivers and workers in some other professions is to leave the European Union, which has led to restrictions for workers from other European countries.

According to an advertisement from the famous supermarket chain Waitrose, the salaries offered to attract truckers exceed the average salaries of lawyers, doctors and some executives.

The supermarket offers up to £ 53,780 as an annual salary to drivers of large commercial vehicles, while it has been found that this salary offered to drivers is higher than the salaries offered to attract an executive director to the same company, as the assignment for this job is £ 45,000, while the company currently also has a vacancy for the position of financial analyst for £ 46,700 per year.

A report by the British newspaper “The Times”, seen by “”, he says that” the nationwide shortage of 90,000 drivers has led to a lack of supplies in supermarkets, restaurants and some large stores, which has prompted some large chains to temporarily close some branches or remove some goods from their stores. “his lists.

Low wages, the closing of a tax loophole for drivers and the complications of Britain’s exit from the European Union have contributed to the current crisis, along with an aging workforce and the Corona virus outbreak, which has made the training of new drivers is more difficult, according to “The Times”.

Difficult working conditions can also be a factor in the reluctance of new drivers from the profession, as they age media of a truck driver is currently 55 years old.

Truck drivers are often required to spend nine to ten hours a day behind the wheel, sometimes sleeping in cab and relying on gas stations on the road.

In addition to the high salaries, which Waitrose says have risen in media of 7,000 pounds over the past 18 months, the supermarket chain also offers a bonus £ 1,000 sign-up to every driver who chooses to work with them, according to The Times.

With a salary of £ 53,780 per year, Waitrose will earn more than the average salaries of secondary school teachers (£ 40,880), lawyers (£ 43,190) and architects (£ 42,930), according to the newspaper.

According to the announcement, the job in Waitrose offers “a wide range of benefits and a healthy work-life balance” and also includes benefits such as discounted vacations and access to a club private for members.

The Road Transport Association said “significant” wage increases offered by companies needing new drivers could force supermarket bosses to pass the costs on to customers.

The shortage of drivers requires urgent government action, and companies have offered better incentives and wage deals to secure potential recruits, said Rod McKenzie, the association’s chief executive of politics and public affairs.

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