The Salvation Army pays price for turning woke up

Some donors have withdrawn theirs support for the Salvation Army over his switch awaken ideology, saying that a Christian charity should not promote what they see as “the most serious threat” to their faith.

A number of its supporters are apparently increasingly unhappy with an initiative called “Let’s talk about racism” as chief executive of the Salvation Army, General Brian Peddle announced in February. It is a discussion guide aimed at promoting “Courageous conversations about racism” within the organization of 1.7 million. Its authors, heavily influenced by critical race theory (CTR), speak of “Harmful divisions” which they believe were created by racism in all fields of life, including in the Christian Church and offer advice to members on how address inequality through a “Anti-racist” prospect.

A petition that calls for the Salvation Army a drop the “Let’s talk about racism” the curriculum has already collected more of 12,200 signatures from members and donors, according to Newsweek.

Opponents of the curriculum call it’s a “cute script” and insist that the Salvation Army should not be educated on racism, since in reality began fighting it decades before the civil rights movement emerged in the United States.

“I will not give to the Red Kettle campaign” of the Salvation Army, Kenny Xu, author and the head of Color us united group, which he claims for a race- Blind America, he said on Twitter on Thursday.

In June he devoted an entire article on the daily signal website endorsement of the Salvation Army of the ideology awakened, saying charity should avoid “Mixing unhealthy admirable works on human rights with politically based advocacy in politics. “

Xu, who launched the petition against the “Let’s talk about racism” curriculum vitae, he stressed out that CTR “Divides people in two camps: the oppressors and the oppressed “ and it must be abandoned.

Christian radio host Greg Koukl also recently announced that his monthly donations from now on in then on be sent to another Christian organization instead of the Salvation Army.

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“I can’t contribute to a organization What does it do good but also currently promotes something manifestly evil “, Koukl wrote in an open letter to the Salvation Army, which he published on Facebook earlier this month.

In it, he stated that CRT “has set us back 50 years. ” He said numerous academics had already the alarm went off over the “Aggressive indoctrination and, frankly, bullying of CRT “, it is inherent “Racial essentialism,” And how is destroying race relations in America.

Koukl labeled CTR “A Trojan horse that takes in well-meaning Christian businesses that, as they care about them justice and to oppose oppression – naively promote the most serious threat to biblical Christianity ”.

Others who they withdrew their called donations for the Salvation Army a set any political agenda and focus aside on what does he do best – help the poor.

When asked about the rift over the resume awakened by Newsweek, Salvation Army spokesman Joseph Cohen insisted that organization I did not have changed its ideology in whatever way.

“Our beliefs have always been ingrained in writing, and still are. This includes ours complete I decline of racism, that is in stark contrast to the biblical principle that we are all created in the image of God,” he pointed out.

Like for “Let’s talk about racism” he said so “Voluntary discussion guides certainly aren’t required, and never take the place of our position statements. For us, the truth in writing is always supreme ».

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