The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator now arrives with Alexa built-in

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator now arrives with Alexa built-in


Before this year, Samsung has updated the 22.5-inch touchscreen on its flagship Family Hub smart refrigerator, giving it a cleaner interface e new features for cooking and shopping. Now, the company is adding Alexa to the brand new Family Hub models, too – and this could make it for a crowded house, since the smart fridge already plays home to that of Samsung voice assistant, Bixby.

“Family Hub with Alexa integrated in allows you a access hundreds of thousands of Alexa skills, listen to your short morning, set timers or alarms, play in streaming Amazon Music e shop via voice – all from your fridge, “it reads Samsung’s press release. “You can choose whether to interact with Alexa or Samsung voice assistant, Bixby, or even use them at the same time. “

Alexa and Bixby as chilled roommates is an interesting topic for the sixth generation Family Hub, above all in view of the upcoming arrival of It matters, to new universal intelligent home standard supported by Samsung, Amazon and others. The matter promises to do the two assistants more or less the same in their ability to interact with and check the third-party devices, so if you plan on using your voice-fridge enabled to control your smart home, the specific assistant you’re talking to might not make much difference.

In addition to Alexa, users who update them software will find new features first presented at CES 2021, including the guide recipe support of SmartThings Cooking. Users can also now use the Family Hub to order poultry and other meats directly from Perdue Farms, il latest on a growth list of Family Hub grocery delivery partner.

For access Alexa and the rest of The hub of the Samsung family software updates, everything of Which ones are they available now, you will need a second-gen Family Hub or newer. that leaves out owners of the original, first-gen Family Hub since 2016 – in that case, it’s Bixby or bust.

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