The satellite war ignites the feud between billionaires Bezos and Musk

Amazon has criticized billionaire Elon Musk’s company “SpaceX”, calling it a “bane of the rules”, including … constant battle On the plans of the two companies to build competing satellite networks.

The dispute, presented in lengthy proceedings at the Federal Communications Commission, this is nothing new. But this time, billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Amazon directed FCC officials to a list of Musk’s past problems with other regulators, adding to his more aggressive attempt to force a rollback of SpaceX’s fast schedule to deploy its wide-ranging satellites. .

Trying to enforce the rules in a company led by Musk? This is what Amazon asked in its filing, adding, “You’re pretty much broke,” referring to a moment in to which Musk complained that the FAA’s organizational structure slowed SpaceX’s operations.

And she continued her attack, saying, “Trying to enforce health and safety rules in a company led by Musk? … She will then be described as” unelected and ignorant “, referring to Musk’s criticism of officials. who have tried to close factories to limit the spread of the Corona virus, according to the specialized website The Verge.

This particular battle dates back to the beginning of quest’year, when SpaceX proposed an upgrade to its Starlink network, a huge constellation of satellites in low earth orbit designed to send broadband internet to rural areas with limited or no internet access.

SpaceX has more than 1,700 satellites so far in orbit, with around 100,000 customers using Internet services in beta version.

Conversely, Amazon is planning a similar satellite network called Kuiper with over 3,000 satellites, but has yet to disclose plans to produce or launch any satellites into space.

The satellite war ignites the feud between billionaires Bezos and Musk

stellar connection

Last month, SpaceX submitted a request to change its proposal to the FCC, asking the committee to approve two plans to deploy Starlink satellites. in future.

The company document states, “SpaceX will implement only one of the two plans and its decision will primarily depend on how quickly the next generation of Starlink satellites will be launched and when the Starship rocket will be ready to begin launching the Starlink satellites.”

Since 2019, SpaceX has used its Falcon 9 rockets to launch dozens of dedicated Starlink space missions into space. But the spaceship, a much bigger rocket still in phase of development, it will send satellites faster into its target orbit, SpaceX says.

Amazon says SpaceX’s strategy of proposing two exclusive plans is contrary to the previous one and “requires significant effort” from the FCC and other companies to control.

In another paper, SpaceX replied: “Amazon is too naive to notice the lack of resources to analyze the SpaceX application, in particularly given that Amazon regularly brings up to six lobbyists and lawyers to its many meetings with the SpaceX committee. X “.

In its latest filing, Amazon acknowledged that it was “in a good position “to evaluate the offers, but added that” this burden could be placed on other companies that have commented on the SpaceX plan. “

Companies have time to analyze the plans proposed by other companies and object to them if there is an opportunity to influence their operations.

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