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The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for “Formula 1” draws the world’s attention to the Jeddah Corniche

Levels of excitement and suspense increase in coinciding with the imminent launch of the first edition of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for “Formula 1”, while the world’s attention turns on the third day of December towards the Jeddah Corniche Circuit to witness the challenge of the best drivers at world in “Formula 1”, in the period from 3 to 5 December 2021.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix for “Formula 1” is part of the calendar of events and seasons, launched by “Spirit of Saudi Arabia “last September; Shows all the events and seasons that the Kingdom is witnessing, during the period from October 2021 AD through March 2022 AD

The Jeddah Corniche circuit, created by world-renowned designer Hermann Tilke, is packed with so many features appearing for the first time in the world of Formula 1 racing, which ensures the highest levels of motivation for drivers to start at the highest possible speed and increase arousal levels during the race.

With this, Jeddah is on the verge of changing the racing rules in all over the world, thanks to the number record of the track with 27 curves and three zones dedicated to the drag reduction system.

On the other hand, the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, on the sidelines of the Saudi Formula 1 Grand Prix, launched a program for the young stars of the Kingdom to compete on the specially designed “karting” circuit inarea of the public, and is aimed at Saudi talented 6-12 year olds, giving them the opportunity to experience racing.

The “Formula 1” race will attract fans of motor racing circuits and tourists from home, the Gulf and the world, who will positively reflect on the development of the (tourism economy) in the related areas. in particularly to the tourism sector, and the promotion of Saudi tourist destinations in general, and motivating visitors to participate in the various events and seasons, distributed in the different regions of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom opens its arms to receive tourists from the interior, the Gulf and the world through a huge number of qualitative and international events taking place for the first time in the region, allowing everyone the freedom to choose from unprecedented opportunities to explore and enjoy what the Kingdom has to offer from tourist destinations and distinct and diverse recreational and sporting activities that have a distinctive character.To meet the aspirations of families and individuals of different age groups, including citizens, residents and tourists, taking into account all health needs and ensuring that everyone adheres to them in coordination with the competent authorities, to ensure a safe and enjoyable tourist and entertainment experience.

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