The Saudi Crown Prince announces national aspirations for the research, development and innovation sector

Saudi Crown Prince and Chair of the Supreme Committee for Research, Development and Innovation, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, announced national aspirations and priorities for research, development and innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the next two decades, which are based on four main priorities; These are: human health, environmental sustainability and primary needs, leadership in energy and industry, and economies future, which enhance the Kingdom’s competitiveness and global leadership; IS in in line with the indications of the Vision of the Kingdom 2030 and strengthens its position as the largest economy in the region.

At the beginning of the announcement of national aspirations and priorities, the crown prince said: “We have adopted ambitious aspirations for the research, development and innovation sector, for the Kingdom to become one of the pioneers of innovation in the world, and annual spending for the sector will reach 2.5% of GDP in 2040, to contribute to the development and diversification of the economy. ” The National Bank by adding 60 billion riyals to GDP in 2040 and creating thousands of quality jobs in science, technology and innovation, God willing ”.

In order to ensure the growth and prosperity of the sector, the research, development and innovation sector was restructured and a higher committee headed by the Crown Prince established to oversee the sector and determine national priorities and aspirations for research. development and innovation in the Kingdom and establish the Authority for Research, Development and Innovation Development which will serve as the enabler, legislator and regulator of the sector and will develop program projects, budget allocation and performance monitoring.

To realize these great ambitions announced by the crown prince, he will work to attract the best national and international talent. In addition to strengthening cooperation with leading research centers, international companies, the non-profit sector and the private sector, which are an essential partner in driving research and development and increasing investments in the sector.

The Kingdom has adopted its four national priorities for research, development and innovation, which are: human health, environmental sustainability and primary needs, leadership in energy and industry and economies future; On the basis of the competitive advantages it enjoys and the principle of its willingness to face the most important challenges that man has to face and to guarantee the future of generations future, in so that these priorities are a compass to guide all future industry projects and efforts.

And on the basis of the importance of preserving human health, and on the basis of the Kingdom’s advanced infrastructure for medical scientific research, its possession of the best health system in the region, the presence of an extensive genetic database and other competitive advantages, “Human health” has arrived in top national priorities, through this priority, the Kingdom aims to achieve a better and longer healthy life, addressing the most important health challenges in the Kingdom and the world, finding radical solutions for chronic and noncommunicable diseases, providing the highest standard of healthcare to members of society by providing excellent digital healthcare and providing the world with the latest biotechnology-based pharmaceutical technologies.

Contribute to eliminating the challenges of water scarcity and food security around the world, and on the basis of the Kingdom’s leadership in the production of desalinated water globally and its leadership of important initiatives to preserve the environment; Through the priority of “environmental sustainability and primary needs”, the Kingdom seeks to become a global model in preserving the environment and providing human beings’ basic needs for water, food and energy. in sustainable way, through the development of environmentally friendly technologies for water supply and desalination, modern and sustainable technologies for food production and the increase of green spaces, and carbon capture, use and storage technologies, as well as technologies sustainable for the production of low-cost electricity.

Building on the Kingdom’s natural wealth and competitive advantages in the energy and industrial sectors, and its leadership in the energy sector in the world, the Kingdom aims, through the priority of “leadership in energy and industry”, to continue its leadership in energy markets and making is a global industrial power by innovating technologies for the production of alternative energy such as green hydrogen Solar and wind energy, ensuring the sustainability of oil demand and directing the industrial sector of the Kingdom to produce technologically advanced industries and of high value, in as well as developing the mining sector in competitive and sustainable way.

In order to ensure the life and future of generations futureand thanks to the competitive advantages of the Kingdom that allow it to achieve leadership and leadership, through its investments in cities and future projects such as NEOM and Red Sea Project, and its distinctive geography location, promising young talent and a solid digital infrastructure, has been selected “Future Economy” as a priority for the research, development and innovation sector, and this priority aims to foster innovation in digital technologies in priority areas, develop the future of urban life and build carbon-free, human-friendly smart cities, as well as explore the depths of the sea and build a global position for the Kingdom in the space field.

The adoption of national aspirations and priorities in this phase is the cornerstone for the development of the national strategy for research, development and innovation, which will be announced in a next phase, which will be followed by the launch of ambitious national programs based on research, development and innovation to solve the great challenges facing the Kingdom and the world and its priorities in the sector are an attractive factor for interested researchers and entrepreneurs within the Kingdom e in all over the world, as the Kingdom welcomes the participation of researchers and innovators and their inclusion in the journey of innovation for the good of man.

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