The Saudi Dakar Rally attracts drivers of 70 different nationalities

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will host the third consecutive edition of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2022, which is the largest in terms of participation for the oldest, most famous and most demanding race in the world of motorsport. The pilots will start from Hail on January 1st and reach the finish line in Jeddah on January 14th 2022 The edition of questyear attracts pilots of 70 nationalities from all over the world.

The Saudi Motorsports Company, official promoter of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2022, which operates under the aegis of the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, and Amory Sport Organization, the organizers of the rally, have revealed details on the changes this edition will see, especially with the ‘approaching the date of the track’s reveal and its details, which increases the state of anticipation, both for the participants and for the public, as everyone is waiting for the same levels of excitement, suspense and fun that have been brought by the last two editions of gathering in the Kingdom.

The Saudi Dakar Rally 2022 is considered the largest in terms of number of participants in the rally and attracted drivers of 70 nationalities. France was one of the countries that would be represented by the drivers in the rally, followed by Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and the Czech Republic, to participate in all categories of the rally , and the public expects fierce competition in Various categories, as all teams and participants continue their preparation to ignite the competition and prepare for a wild journey into the heart of the Saudi desert and challenge the hidden terrain and sand dunes.

In turn, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Federation of Automobiles and Motorcycles and chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Motorsport Company, confirmed that they are in preparations for the launch of the Dakar Rally e in compliance with the approved program to ensure the submission of a version whose success exceeds what has been achieved in the last two years. Her Highness indicated that the volume of attendance questyear reflects the great interest in the rally and prove of confidence in the ability and determination of his people of the Kingdom to host and organize the greatest international events and to continue his successful path with the Dakar Rally to solidify his position as the new home for motorsports.

Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel, nicknamed Mr. Dakar, said: “During the first year, the process of moving to the Empty Quarter was relatively long, as we were eager to visit all parts of the Kingdom, but the experiences that David Castera acquired in Saudi Arabia Arabia has allowed him to control everything and do whatever he is in its power. To make this race exciting, and if sand is what we are looking for, we are in luck and the track will be fantastic because it will be a good test of our ability to face the challenges on the sand and off-road navigation. “

Laya Sanz said: “I love the idea of ​​having more sand. On a motorcycle, you get hit by lots of rocks and on theauto becomes slower due to punctures. The Dakar Rally with more dunes and new stages is exactly what we have been waiting for, Saudi Arabia. It is a vast country with many beautiful landscapes that we continue to explore and I can’t wait to participate in this edition of Dakar Saudi Arabia 2022 “.

The Saudi driver, Yazid Al-Rajhi, continues his preparations to participate in the rally for the third time, and stressed that his experience in Rally 2021 was special and exciting, as he managed to win the seventh and tenth stages, which is the first time a Saudi has won in home the Dakar, and explained that the track was harder and more tired than the 2020 Rally track, and he expected there to be a total difference and change from the 2022 track, attributing this to the track’s departure from Hail, where there is the sandy start, then the track will head south towards Riyadh which will make the first week tougher.As for the second week, it should be close for the year 2020 or 2021.

Competitors will begin their arduous journey from the Hail region, heading to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, to enjoy a day off, before continuing to brave the Kingdom’s terrain and its sand dunes filled with hidden hiding places to land in the Bride. of the Red Sea, the city of Jeddah, marking the end of the gathering, passing through the most beautiful landscape landscapes and archaeological areas.In the Kingdom, where the geographical terrain and the different nature of the territory dictate other accounts to be added to the pilots’ books, navigators, engineers and technicians, and the rally track of questyear will include two circular milestones that will play a key role in giving members of the team the opportunity to catch their breath to focus on their essential maintenance work, as well as A marathon stage, which requires you to strategically and with high mental and physical strength tackle the rally participants to ensure their continuity and survival in the competition cycle for advanced positions without wasting a lot of time.

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