Home Business The Saudi market index closed at 12,769 points

The Saudi market index closed at 12,769 points

The leading Saudi stock index closed today, Thursday, in an increase of 112.98 points to 12769.21 points, or about 0.9%, with transactions worth 16.7 billion riyals.

The number of traded shares reached over 354 million shares, shared by more than 445 thousand transactions, in which the shares of 106 companies recorded an increase in value, while the shares of 92 companies closed.

Shares of Bupa Arabia, Bindawood, the Saudi Group, AXA Cooperative and Allianz SF were the most profitable, while shares of Dor, Saudi Electricity, Al Jazeera REIT, SABIC Agro-Nutrients and Banyan REIT were the lowest. in transactions, in when the percentages of increase and decrease fluctuated between 7% and 8.33%.

Shares of Saudi Electricity, Alinma, Investment, Saudi Aramco and SABIC were the most active in terms of quantity, while the shares of SABIC, Al-Rajhi, STC, Alinma and Saudi Aramco were the most active in terms of value.

Parallel Saudi Equity Index (Nomu) closed today, in rise of 176.80 points, to close at 24,902.80 points, with transactions worth 88 million riyals. The number of shares traded reached over 901,000 shares, which were shared by 4,416 deals.

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