The Saudi market is at the highest levels of the last 15 years. Strong support from the shares of the new quotes

Alaa Al Ibrahim, Head of Alawwal Capital’s Capital Markets Funds Sector described the companies recently listed on the Saudi stock market as having seen strong gains.

Al Ibrahim added in an interview with Al Arabiya that these companies have added value to the Saudi economy, have benefited from reforms and will benefit from reforms again future and they will increase their revenues and profit growth, with all the upcoming reforms in Saudi Arabia stock market.

The main Saudi stock index closed today, in rise of 0.46%, to gain 55.69 points and close at the highest level of the last 15 years, 12165.84 points, with transactions worth 8.5 billion riyals.

The volume of shares traded was 192 million shares, shared by more than 380,000 transactions, in which the shares of 122 companies recorded an increase in value, while the shares of 68 companies closed.

Shares of Tadawul Group, Solutions, Tanmia, Al-Manajem and Al-Nayifat achieved the highest earnings, while shares of Al-Mowasat, Al-Ahly REIT 1, Maaden, Suleiman Al-Habib and Enaya had the largest earnings in drop in trading, as the rise and fall rates varied between 5.82% and 2.62%.

While the shares of the companies Dar Al-Arkan, Al-Enmaa, Al-Nayifat, Saudi Kayan and Al-Minej were the most active in terms of quantity, as well as the shares of Al-Rajhi, ACWA Power, Tadawul Group, Solutions, and Al-Minej, the most active in value.

While the Saudi parallel stock index (Nomu) closed today, in decline of 107.72 points to close at 26180.03 points, with transactions worth 107 million riyals and the volume of shares traded was over 690,000 shares shared by 3957 operations.

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