The Saudi market is on again in rise … and “TASI” touches 11,500 points

The main index of the Saudi stock exchange “TASI” rose during trading on Tuesday, approaching the level of 11,500 points, in coinciding with the increase in the price of oil and Brent crude oil which exceeded the level of 117 dollars per barrel.

Oil prices rose for a third consecutive session today Tuesday in light of geopolitical tensions threatening supply and growing pressures on oil supplies in view of this week’s “OPEC Plus” meeting, knowing that oil prices have risen about 50% since the start of quest’year.

THE future on Brent crude oil jumped 1.89% to $ 117.26 a barrel, while the price of US West Texas Intermediate crude rose 1.68% to $ 111.41 a barrel.

The TASI index rose by 0.5%, equal to 57 points, bringing the index to 11,484 points.

The value of the trading was around 2.9 billion riyals, through trading of around 86.4 million shares.

The prices of 88 shares rose compared to 114 shares which fell from a total of 214 listed companies.

The gains were led by the “Bawan” stock of 6.74% at the price of 30.1 riyals per share, followed by the “Fish” stock of 5.49% at the price of 33.65 riyals, while the decline was led entitled “Al-Omran” of 4.69% at the price of 81.4 riyals, followed by the “Retal” share of 4.46% at the price of 115.8 riyals.

In terms of values ​​and trading volumes, Dar Al-Arkan’s stock exceeded by approximately 211.7 million riyals, with 19.15 million shares traded.

Most market sectors grew, led by the energy sector by 2.65%, followed by the food retail sector by 2.28%.

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