The School League’s elite team gains experience from Barcelona

The school’s elite football team continues to implement its preparatory field program in its current second phase in Barcelona, ​​which comes as an extension of the first phase which took place in the Spanish capital, Madrid, where the team played today, Thursday, a test match with Barcelona (U 17), which is his third experience in field after the experiences of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

The coach of elite school players league, Iago Agaler, wanted to involve all the players in today’s match, which resulted in a goal for the elite school players team league (scored by Abdel Razzaq Awaji) and three goals for Barcelona, ​​in order to give them additional experience and technical knowledge from these experimental matches.During the two halves of the match, the players are Hamza Shehata (guard), Abdullah Al-Rabiah ( defender), Firas Rabat (defender), Bahian Al-Qahtani (right back), Faisal Abdul Razzaq (left back), Jawad Hashem (center), Abdullah Al-Ali (axis) and Ibrahim Aqil (center), Abdul Razzaq Awaji ( left wing), Malik Hamza (right wing), Alawi Al-Attas (forward), in addition to the reserve list, and they are Abdullah Al-Bilahi (keeper – participated in the second half), and Abdul Samad Al-Qahtani (forward – participated in the second half). ), Fahd Al-Dahmashi (axis – participated in the second half), Roweed Al-Hosay (left winger – participated in the second half), Fahd Al-Shaya (axis – participated in the second half) and Ali Al-Attas ( right back – participated in the second half) and Saeed Al-Amri (axis – participated in the second half).

On the other hand, as part of the preparatory camp program, an introductory conference on football laws and arbitration was held for the players of the elite school league team, held by the former Spanish international referee, Briz Lima, as well as introductory field visits to players in several Spanish stadiums, such as the Camp Nou stadium and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

It is interesting to note that the Lega Scuola project is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Sport, which it has implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Education since 2019 for public education schools in the regions and governorates of the Kingdom, and aims to develop the sports school, including football, to build a new generation of talented players to be an affluent of sports Saudi. .

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