The school president faces the consequences over ‘file’ on anti-mask parents

A school board President in Arizona, accused of keeping a secret online dossier containing personal information from parents, was voted on out from board members after refusing to resign.

On Monday, the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) rules board voted 4-1 in favor of startup Jann-Michael Greenburg out as a school board President. Greenburg himself was the only member who opposed his removal.

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Russia confirms i test on antisatellite missiles

“For me it is important that every member of our SUSD community is listened to. This input helps us build and keep learning environment where our students can thrive “, Greenburg said, adding that people should do not be in a hurry to express an opinion and affirm that the board he did not yet have all the facts.

“It seems there is bad actors involved and I am confident that our law enforcement professionals will do so quickly resolve these problems “, he told the venue media.

Saturday, the Scottsdale PD announced that an investigation had been initiated into allegations that Greenburg and his men father, Mark Greenburg, curate an online database on parents.

The database, which was mistakenly shared by Greenburg during a heated argument with a parent, presumably contains labeling, with parents be classified as “SUSD Wackos” And “Crazy anti-mask” among others. The allegations had led to calls for Greenburg’s resignation, including those on the board.

It is understood that Greenburg’s father, who he shares a house it’s a computer with, It might have been responsible for the creation And maintenance of the database. The school board president had denied any involvement and promised to have a “legal”Investigation by IT staff.

In August, Greenburg sent out a screenshot of a conversation a parent Kim Stafford, accusing her of anti-Jewish sentiment. Stafford noticed a link to a Google doc in the screenshot e on looking for the address, found the unsecured file.

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