The scientist has identified regions of the world that are threatened with becoming a desert

According to Russian scientist Sergei Semyonov, scientific director of the World Climate Institute, if humanity continues to take no responsibility for the climate, desertification and water scarcity zones may appear.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the Russian climatologist notes that the areas threatened by desertification are located in North Africa, South America and the southwestern United States.

“The climate of the future – at the end of the century depends on what we do with the climate system,” he says. “If greenhouse gases continue to be emitted into the atmosphere, and there is no energy conservation, this is one climate situation in the world.”

According to him, the most favorable case is the transition of mankind to the use of renewable energy sources, the provision of fuel and the strengthening of international cooperation in this area.

He says: “If we take the irresponsible scenario, that is, we continue to burn organic fossil fuels, oil, coal and gas in large quantities and continue to enrich the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, at the same rate as today, there will be regions with a gradual shortage of water. For example, the countries of the entire Mediterranean basin, namely North Africa, the Middle and Near East, where these areas will suffer greatly from low water. In some cases, the steppes will turn into deserts.

He adds that some regions of southern Russia, such as the Stavropol, Krasnodar and Kalmyk regions, on which food production in Russia depends, may also be at risk.

He says: “If we follow the scenario of moderate human impact on the global climate, then these processes will develop slowly. However, this is not only a feature of the regions I mentioned, it is typical for some regions of South America and the southwestern United States, but these are really more detailed things and difficulties”.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.