The second one in less than a month … UNIFIL under attack in southern Lebanon

A UN official said Wednesday that strangers attacked a group of Forces of pace United Nations (UNIFIL) In southern Lebanon, they vandalized their vehicles and stole their official items.

Such clashes with the forces of pace United Nations have been common in southern Lebanon since the mandate of the maintenance force pace it was expanded in the wake of the 2006 war between Israel and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah.

Candice Ardell, United Nations Interim Force Press Officer in Lebanon, said UNIFIL called on the Lebanese authorities to “conduct a timely and thorough investigation and prosecute all those responsible for these crimes”. He added that the attack took place on Tuesday evening.

THE media locals reported that residents of the southern city of Bint Jbeil clashed with the forces of pace Irish, who claimed to take pictures of their homes. Reports added that the UN force was not accompanied by Lebanese soldiers.

The city of Bint Jbeil is a Hezbollah stronghold and much of it was destroyed in the 2006 war.

Contrary to widespread misinformation, Ardell said, the forces of pace they took no photos and they weren’t on property private. He added that the forces of pace they were on their way to meet with members of the Lebanese army for regular patrols.

“UNIFIL condemns the attacks on men and women who serve the cause of pace, which are considered violations of Lebanese and international law, “he added. He added that UNIFIL also condemns those who manipulate the area’s residents for their own ends.

UNIFIL was originally established to oversee the withdrawal of Israeli forces following the 1978 invasion. The mission in Lebanon was expanded thanks to a UN-mediated truce after a month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah militants in 2006.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry condemned a similar incident by the forces of pace in southern Lebanon at the end of last year. A serious dispute has occurred between some young people from the southern city of Shaqra and UNIFIL forces, against the backdrop of an international soldier filming a location in the city, according to eyewitnesses, who said the patrol was located in one of the inner city districts without the Lebanese army escort When one of its soldiers was seen taking pictures, which angered the people who gathered and attacked the vehicles.

The first incident coincided with the departure of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres from Beirut following a four-day visit during which he made statements that angered Hezbollah, calling for its transformation. in a political party like other parties.

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