The Second Printing of Wonder Woman #1 with New Cover Art – DC Comics Reboots Princess of Themyscira


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On Sale Oct. 24

Dawn of DC’s New Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s reboot is one of many in the Dawn of DC publishing initiative that started in January and brings over 20 new titles and storylines into the DC Universe. The event sees DC celebrating its iconic characters like Wonder Woman while also embracing a new generation of heroes and is meant to be a good jumping-on point for both new readers and seasoned comic readers looking to jump into the DC Universe. It takes some of the comic publisher’s most beloved characters, including Batman, Superman, Nightwing, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy and pushes them in a ‘bold new direction.’

DC Comics Prepares for Second Printing of Wonder Woman #1

DC Comics is getting ready to release a second printing of Wonder Woman #1, as the initial release sold out just days after its release. The first issue of the new Wonder Woman run sold out on Sept. 22, only three days after it was initially released on Sept. 19. This new series, written by Tom King and illustrated by Daniel Sampere, introduces readers to the legendary Amazon, Wonder Woman. Due to its popularity, the comic will be heading back to comic stores on Oct. 24 with new cover art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair. The retail price for the comic will be $4.99, but a special foil printing will also be made available for $9.99. The foil print belongs to the ‘Jim Lee Icons Series’ and is part of a triptych of connecting covers with Batman #608 (Batman Day Special Edition) and Superman #7.

A New Era for Wonder Woman

As part of the ‘Dawn of DC’ publishing initiative, the reboot of Wonder Woman marks the beginning of a new era for the iconic superhero. The storyline introduces a fresh direction for Diana, the Princess of Themyscira. In this new narrative, a mysterious Amazon is accused of mass murder, leading Congress to pass the ‘Amazon Safety Act’ to keep Amazons out of the U.S. With the formation of the Amazon Extradition Entity (A.X.E.), Wonder Woman finds herself as an outlaw. Throughout the series, Diana will face both familiar foes and new villains, including one described by writer Tom King as a ‘Joker Level’ villain. The upcoming Wonder Woman #2, releasing on Oct. 17, will feature an epic battle between Diana and an entire army, including her former love interest Steve Trevor.

The second printing of Wonder Woman #1 will be available in comic book stores on Oct. 24.

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