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The Secret of the War between Musk and Apple – A War of Expression or a Hidden Tax?

The signs of the war that broke out in the last period between Apple and the Twitter platform do not suggest that it will go unnoticed, especially as the threat to remove the application from the store doesn’t bode well.

Although the reasons announced or apparent so far seem to be related to the freedom of expression that Twitter is committed to preserving, bringing many previously banned accounts back to the platform, there seems to be a hidden pole!

Behind the scenes, an economic war has been culminating in “commission,” as hinted by the owner of the new bluebird, Elon Musk.

Hidden Fees and Reduced Ads

In a series of tweets last week, the American billionaire complained about the fees imposed by companies like Google and Apple on platforms and applications like Twitter and others.

And he underlined that those fees are very high due to the duopoly of the iOS/Android operating systems and accused them of having imposed a “hidden tax of 30%”, inviting the antitrust department of the US Department of Justice to intervene.

The controversial man’s complaint concerns more than 15-30% of the cuts that Apple and Google get from purchases in-apps, which could consume much-needed revenue.

Musk also pointed out the up to 30% fees that Apple has imposed on software developers for purchases in-app. He posted a note which indicated that he was willing to enter a war with Apple rather than “pay the commission”.

Interestingly, these fees have sparked criticism and lawsuits from companies like Epic Games, the maker of ‘Fortnite’, while attracting scrutiny from regulators worldwide.

In addition to this issue, the issue of advertising has also come up. The most valuable company in the world, Apple, spent about $131,600 in advertising on Twitter between November 10 and 16, a drop from $220,800 between Oct. 16 and Oct. 22, a week before Musk closed the Twitter deal, according to ad measurement firm Pathmatics.

In the first quarter of 2022, Apple was the top advertiser on Twitter, spending $48 million and accounting for more than 4% of total revenue for that period, according to the Washington Post.

Massive fall

Interestingly, ads account for about 90% of Twitter’s revenue.

And it’s been heavily influenced by Musk’s recent actions, as companies from General Mills to American luxury automaker Audi have suspended Twitter advertising since the takeover.

Musk said earlier this month that the company had experienced a “massive” drop in revenue.

And it seems that the new war launched by the wealthy billionaire has become one of the biggest risks for his vision of “Twitter 2.0”, amid the possibility that his changes violate the rules of Apple or Google applications in a way that slows down the company or even bans it from apps store.

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