The Security Council demands die Houthis, the inspectors die to allow immediate inspection of Safir

The UN Security Council called in a statement on Thursday die Houthi rebels to allow international inspectors to “immediately” inspect the ailing oil tanker “Safer” anchored off the coast of Yemen, which is threatened by an oil spill.

During a Security Council meeting to discuss the situation of the Yemeni oil tanker Safer, Abdullah Al-Saadi, Yemen’s permanent representative to the United Nations, said that die Location of the tanker
It has deteriorated and die Dangers are greater than ever, blame die Houthi militias of intransigence and reject all calls from the international community and the Security Council, as well as all initiatives and efforts to resolve this problem, and point out that any disaster, die resulting from the Safer Reservoir will affect 15 million people.

The Council made its statement at the end of a meeting held at the request of the United Kingdom after die Houthi rebels had announced that die Efforts to the United Nations Inspection Mission die Enable inspection of the ship in had reached a “dead end”.

In his statement called for die 15 members of the Security Council die Houthi rebels “to provide safe and unconditional access for United Nations experts to immediately conduct an impartial and comprehensive assessment and an initial maintenance mission.”

During the meeting, the United Nations Office announced for die Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) members of the Security Council with that die Mission of the inspectors “still operational” in Yemen was to carry out their mission.

This mission “will stand by as long as we have funding,” said OSHA Official Rina Gilani.

But she warned: “Some of this money will soon be used up, also would you die Hopefully move things a lot faster. “

The Security Council demands die Houthis, the inspectors die to allow immediate inspection of Safir

The United Nations has been trying for years to secure this ship and prevent a catastrophic oil spill, but has not been able to do so because itself die Houthis, die control the port of Hodeidah opposite the tanker, his inspectors refused to allow access to the ship.

But at the end of November they gave die United Nations announced that die Houthi rebels had agreed to send experts to pre-investigate and maintain the oil tanker and hoped to be able to complete this task by the end of January or early February, a date that is repeatedly delayed.

The Safer, which was manufactured 45 years ago and serves as a floating storage platform, is loaded with about 1.1 million barrels of crude oil, with an estimated price of about $ 40 million. The ship has not been serviced since 2015, which resulted in the erosion of its hull and its poor condition. A year ago water leaked in the engine room of the ship, and today it is threatened with an explosion or rupture at any time, leading to the leakage of its cargo in will lead to the waters of the Red Sea.

The United Nations warn of an oil spill die Destroying ecosystems in the Red Sea, the fishing sector in hit the region and close the port of Hodeidah, a vital artery for Yemen, for at least six months.

In addition to combating corrosion of the ship’s hull, its maintenance requires a solution for die explosive gases, die in lurking in his tanks.

The United Nations had previously announced that die Houthis had given their initial approval for a UN team to inspect the tanker, but these Iran-backed rebels had already done the same in the summer of 2019 before making their decision in Back at the last minute, on the eve of the UN team’s mission.

Demanded last year die Houthis guarantees for die Repair of the tanker and die Diverting the oil revenue on board to die Employee salaries in to pay the departments subordinate to them.

On the other hand called die international Recognized Yemeni Government to spend any amount of the sale of this oil on health and humanitarian projects.

The Security Council met two days after die Houthis had announced that die Negotiations between them and the United Nations after several days of talks in had reached a dead end.

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