The Security Council urges Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume talks on the Renaissance dam

The UN Security Council on Wednesday urged Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume talks led by the African Union to reach a binding agreement “within a reasonable time” on the management of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile. .

In an official declaration approved unanimously, the Security Council of the 15 nations called on “the three countries to continue the negotiation process led by the African Union. in constructive and cooperative way “.

The statement stated: “The Security Council urges Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume negotiations at the invitation of the president of the African Union, to urgently finalize the text of an agreement acceptable and binding for the parties. in about the filling and functioning of the Grande Renaissance Dam within a reasonable time frame. “

Egypt and Sudan had sought the council’s help to resolve the dispute after Ethiopia began filling the dam reservoir in July for the second year. Addis Ababa opposes any intervention by the Security Council in this case.

For its part, Egypt welcomed the presidential declaration of the Security Council calling for the resumption of negotiations on the Renaissance dam.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday evening that it welcomed the presidential declaration issued by the Security Council, as part of its responsibilities for maintaining the pace and international security, which encouraged Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan to resume negotiations on the Renaissance dam, within the framework of the negotiation path led by the President of the African Union, adding that this is aimed at completion. a binding legal agreement on the filling and operation of the Renaissance dam, in a reasonable amount of time.

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