The separation of Teresa and Joe Giudice did not surprise their loved ones – here’s why!

Joe Giudice’s announcement that he and Teresa are going to divorce shocked many, but that doesn’t mean it was completely unexpected, especially for their loved ones! You may know that this decision has been a subject of discussion between Joe and Teresa for some time and that it certainly did not “come overnight”.

An insider told HollywoodLife that the inner circle of Giudices knew the announcement would most likely come at some point.

Joe visited his social media earlier today to post a side-by-side photo of him and Teresa with the caption, “It’s time to let go.”

Although most expected, it was still quite sad to see that they had been married for more than two decades!

Now the source says that “this decision is not shocking to those around them”, and that includes their four daughters who “do their best considering everything”.

They went on to say that “Teresa and Joe lived separate lives. This decision does not come overnight and they know that this split has been going on for some time. They always talk all the time, but Teresa really struggled with what Joe did to her and her family. Her priorities have changed since she and Joe went [to jail] and her goal is to raise her daughters and put her father’s health back on track. “

In addition, the source mentioned that Teresa was not interested in remarrying or even dating someone else!

Teresa has done a good job of looking after the girls on her own while Joe was in prison and she knows she can do it in the future as well because Joe may be deported to his country of origin, Italy.

That being said, the Real Housewives star has made it clear before that if this happens, she and the girls will stay in the United States.


Obviously, in this situation there was no way to make it work as a married couple, but it is also safe to say that after so much time apart, because of their prison terms, they also simply separated.

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