The Sims 4 Update 1.92: Detailed Game Updates

A new update for The Sims 4, known as Update 1.92, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


  • The Sims 4 Update 1.92 brings an array of improvements, optimized performance, and bug fixes aimed at enhancing your gameplay experience. From addressing persistent issues with household chores to improving the functionality of TS4 Packs and adding a whole new level of compatibility with DirectX 11, this update is filled with noteworthy changes. Here’s a detailed look at everything included in this update.

Base Game Fixes

  • Efficient Housekeeping: Dishes left in obscure corners will no longer be ignored during cleaning routines. Your Sims can now find and clean all hidden dishes, ensuring a tidy home.
  • Seasonal Plant Maintenance: Plants out of season will no longer grow weeds. Existing weeds will be removed once a plant is out of season, making plant care more manageable.
  • Campfire Safety: Campfires will no longer cause excessive fires on the lot. The previous spreadfire trigger has been removed, focusing instead on firework-triggered fires.
  • Trash Can Detection: The “A Trash Can Is Required” message will no longer appear when trash cans are present on the lot, streamlining waste management.
  • Stable Skills: Skills will no longer randomly fluctuate when leaving the lot or editing the household. Your Sims’ abilities now remain consistent.
  • Organized Skill List: The skills list is now arranged in alphabetical order for easier navigation and less visual clutter.
  • Pack Order Correction: TS4 Packs are now listed in the correct order within the Build/Buy filter, helping you find items with ease.
  • Career Tasks Display: Daily task menus for careers will no longer be blank, ensuring your Sims can complete job-related tasks.
  • Grilled Cheese Interaction: The “Summon Grilled Cheese” interaction will no longer disappear from the interaction queue, keeping your culinary options open.
  • Swimming Fixes: Sims will no longer be stuck in the ground and continue to swim if a pool is removed mid-action. They will reset, avoiding any awkward swimming scenarios.
  • Calendar Notifications: Calendar notification lights will remain active after traveling, ensuring you don’t miss important events.
  • Pronoun Adjustments: Customizable pronouns have been corrected to display properly in romantic relationship phone calls.
  • Household Merging: Sims can now properly merge or move households with NPC Sims who are “not in world.” The merge/move button is now accessible, promoting seamless family integrations.

Console-Specific Fixes

  • Build Mode Display: Switching to build mode from the world map will no longer display a red bar in the upper right corner, improving the visual experience.

Performance Enhancements

  • Memory Optimization: Optimizations have been made to use less memory, resulting in fewer crashes, better frame rates, and more responsive simulations.
  • Lot Load Speed: The lot loading process has been improved to be faster, reducing wait times when entering your Sim’s home.

Pack-Specific Fixes

Cats & Dogs / City Living

  • Small dogs, puppies, and kittens will now correctly use elevators in penthouses to go downstairs. This ensures that your pets can easily access outdoor areas for their needs.

Cottage Living

  • Hatchable and spoiled eggs will remain visible in the chicken coop, even when Sims travel off-lot, ensuring you don’t miss out on your farm’s productivity.

Dine Out

  • The ‘Order For Table’ interaction will correctly clear from the interaction queue once the food is delivered, preventing order mix-ups.
  • Waffle Addition: Players can now add waffles to the restaurant menu in
  • Home Chef Hustles, expanding your culinary options with more menu additions to come.

DirectX 11 Preview

  • Improved Performance and Graphics: DirectX 11 is now available on an opt-in basis and aims to enhance game performance and graphics quality. This update increases rendering capabilities for more detailed and immersive environments in future releases.
  • Opt-In Process: Simmers with DirectX 11 compatible hardware can opt in by entering the argument -dx11 into the EA App or Steam. Details on compatibility and launch arguments are provided, with feedback requested to fine-tune the experience.
  • Mod Compatibility: While trying out DirectX 11, visual issues with mods may arise. It’s recommended to disable mods when using this command.

Eco Lifestyle

  • Accessory Compatibility: Nose rings will no longer break when paired with certain brow piercings, allowing for more seamless customization of your Sims’ appearances.

For Rent

  • Property Ownership Recognition: The “Tam Nang Sands” lot will now be recognized in the owned rental tab, simplifying property management.
  • Environmental Improvements: The “Unpleasant Surroundings” Moodlet will no longer be triggered by the pressure cooker and kettle, offering a more pleasant living environment.
  • Tourist Location Icons: Tourist location icons will now correctly appear when hovering over the Tomarang world select screen for clearer navigation.

Gallery Server Enhancements

  • Profanity Filter Updates: All reports on false positives in the Gallery Profanity Filter up to May 1st have been reviewed and implemented. Ongoing updates will ensure a positive community experience.
  • Follower Count Display: The number of Followers for non-anonymous Gallery users will now display correctly in the Following and Followers tabs.

Pack-Specific Improvements

Get to Work

  • Alien Aging Consistency: Aliens will no longer experience noticeable changes in facial structure during aging, maintaining consistent appearances.

Growing Together

  • Baby Milestone Update: The “Had a Baby” milestone will now trigger correctly when having a Science Baby or giving birth at the hospital.

High School Years

  • Teen Social Bunny Messages: Teens can no longer send flirty messages to adults or household family members on Social Bunny, maintaining appropriate interactions.
  • Academic Achievement: After completing all tasks and acing exams, teen high school Sims will now be promoted to a better grade, rewarding their hard work.

Horse Ranch

  • Autonomous Purchase Preventions: Sims will no longer autonomously want to buy mini goats, preventing unnecessary UI pop-ups.
  • Nectar Value Adjustment: The value of nectar is now properly increased when selling to the mysterious rancher, ensuring fair transactions.
  • Horse Sleeping Fix: Horses will no longer get stuck while sleeping too close to the horse training ball, ensuring they wake up and move normally.

Island Living

  • Mermaid Conservationist Task: Mermaid conservationists can now complete the “Snorkel in Mua Pel’am” job task correctly.


  • Weeding Animation Correction: During winter, the weeding animation will no longer repeat, ensuring Sims actually remove all weeds surrounding the plants effectively.

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