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The sites of social networking inform the present and the future and the center of attention of athletes!

Tunisia – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Over the past thirty years, humanity’s knowledge, sciences, information, discoveries and innovations have accumulated in an incredible way, and they have kept up with this and knowing it, not to mention understanding it and dealing with it has become very difficult, especially for the middle-aged and middle-aged generation, i.e. the slow learning group, which has poor contacts with Technology and the acceleration of its development, unlike the younger generations, and perhaps one of the most wonderful discoveries were the sites of social network oi social mediawhich have swept people’s minds as fast as cell phones, tablet And laptop they swept their hands, so what about the impact of this on the sports field? Individual and operator accounts. How in all fields, especially for celebrities, i social media oi social in the past were an indispensable weapon, but in reality was a double-edged sword. If any famous athlete wants to use these means to spread his photos and news, communicate with his fans, expand his popular base and even access high-yielding commercial advertisements and sometimes with the help of paid operators and public companies relationships, the negative aspect, on the other hand, represented in the star losing all his privacy and being exposed to many attacks, both monetary and technical, trying to hack his account and distort his image by some of his opponents and competitors, in fact, we have recently heard that some sports clubs and institutions have used what is known to the government and intelligence services such as the electronic army, or electronic flies, in order to clean up their image and distort the image of competitors. critical and even defamatory campaigns, with the intent to influence them in the service of contractual or competitive objectives ends! Fabrizio Romano: This name is for a well-known Italian journalist on socialmostly in Italy, Spain and England (with his command of the three languages) so much so that his page on “Twitter” and “Facebook” and the meetings with him on “YouTube” have become a sort of expected scoop and a reliable source. And the confirmed news of transfers, contracts and disputes, at the company level senior, players and coaches, so much so that the phrase “Fabrizio Romano said” has become equivalent in importance and credibility to the phrase “reported by Reuters” or “BBC” or “CNN” for the traditional press and television! As for an Arab, another name has become famous in another way, which is “Sharhabeel”, and here we do not defame the person because we do not mention his full name, but we do not know if it is a real name or a pseudonym that hides behind its owner, and it is said that this name you represent a person or “institution” in incognito, with fake accounts. And fake names to carry out specific campaigns for a certain fee, for example something like an army or hired electronic flies. Some professionals and commentators of the media Arabs have used this “technique” to clean up their image or to demean competitors and colleagues for purposes that unfortunately are not difficult to understand! Count in the millions and, according to official sources, the most followed athlete in the world of social media and the star Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, which ranks sixth among the star world championships of politics, art, economics, religion and sport. the highest sporting “Twitter” sites in terms of number of followers: 1- Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo: 103 million followers. 2- Brazilian Neymar: 58.4 million followers. 3- Real Madrid: 44.9 million followers. 4- FC Barcelona: 44.3 million followers. 5- ESPN, the network American sports television: 42.4 million followers. On the “Instagram” platform, the numbers seem more surprising, given that Ronaldo is second in the world for all categories and occupies the first place among athletes, and here is the ranking of the first: 1- Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo 366 million 2- Argentine Lionel Messi 281 million 3- American wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) 278 million 4- Nike Sports Equipment Company 180 million 5- Brazilian Neymar 164 million And you can imagine what these millions of characters get from their advertising revenue and millions of dollars every year ! Present media and future TV When newspapers and magazines appeared, it was said that they would delete the books, but it did not happen, and when the radio appeared, it was said that it would delete newspapers and magazines, but it did not happen. it seems that i social they will take care of canceling almost all of this. This is exactly what is happening now, as the smartphone has become in the hands of each of us as an alternative to the newspaper, the magazine, the radio, the cinema and soon on television. With the emergence of digital platforms such as “Netflix”, “Prime Amazon” and “Disney”, the concept of television has shifted from direct broadcast to the computer archive and viewing takes place by evoking the whim and desire of the follower. And also the sporting events of follow-up they have begun to switch from giant screens to portable devices from cell phones and tablet! New terms This gigantic wave of the technological revolution has produced new terms that were not known, and we hadn’t even heard of them until a few decades ago. English in this regard is similar to our use of the phrase “peace be upon you” in our daily life: * Post: a post * Tweet (or Tweet): Tweet * Trend: shout (fashion) * Snap: sensational * Facebook article: blog * Podcast: podcast * Discussion: thread or thread which means sequence or connection * Activation: activation * Community: community or group on social media * Share: Post with the intention of sharing and advertising * Like: Like (Dislike: Dislike) * Follow: Follow * Subscribe: Subscribe * Comment: Comment * Platform: Platform * Link: Link * Homepage: Home * YouTuber: Someone who has a site web or a YouTube channel and is also described as a content creator. * Influencer: Influencer (from famous social media), and these have become star of a special kind! Platforms of social media It remains to complete this topic of media sporty and it seems that we are in one moment in where everything is lawful, to review and yourself the platforms of social media most famous with the advantages of each of them: * Facebook: is the oldest and the largest in terms of acceptance of content that includes long texts, images and videos. * Twitter: Depends on the tweets written in short, where the size of the tweet should not exceed 140 characters, and it is possible to use images, videos and graphics at times. * YouTube: video archive and platform. * Instagram: a platform that is mainly based on viewing photos with snap comments, that is, like a giant photo album. * Tik Tok: a platform for reviewing clips or short videos. Of course, there are other means, less known and widespread, and it is known that all these platforms are subject to American supervision and technical control. in virtue of their origin and ownership, with the exception of “Tik Tok” owned by the Chinese, who put in a lot of money to develop and compete with their peers. Welcome to the world of the future!


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